Training and Facilitation

All our Associates are volunteers and champion partnering and collaboration wherever they are in their regions. Membership in IPA is by invitation. Partnering practitioners are invited because of their proven track record in various aspects of collaboration:

 • Leading/facilitating specific geographical or issue-based 

• Expertise as partnering trainers

• Consulting for organizations on their partnering endeavors

• Research and teaching on partnering structures

• Logistical support of partnering initiatives (IT, finance, management, etc)  

The model of partnering which is foundational to IPA's training has come out of successful experience stretching back over 25 years of developing partnerships of Christian ministries. Those partnering initiatives were largely focused on evangelism and church planting in various regions of the world. Although this is the context in which the workshop has been developed, we have seen this model being used successfully in other contexts. We believe this model can be a powerful tool for the initiating and developing effective partnering for anyone who wants to bring Christian ministries together for maximum impact for Christian mission. 

IPA training does not rely on a series of lectures, but it aims to be practical and grounded in actual experience. It includes discussion-based learning, case-studies, and hands-on activities. and personal reflection. Our training will enable you to develop a practical plan of action so you can confidently begin the process of developing your own partnering approach to ministry.

Experiencing Partnering Workshop
Experiencing Partnering Workshop (EPW) is designed for people who have a vision or a cause that they want to realise through a partnering process and for ministry leaders who would help such people realise their vision. If you are beginning to develop a partnering approach to ministry or would like to, this is for you. If you have people in your church or organisation who also aspire to, this is for you too! The workshop will provide a guided experience in community which is designed to help you increase your competence, capacity, confidence, commitment and passion to engage in partnering to play your part in the mission of God. It will give you a Biblical foundation for partnering, help you understand the process of partnering and will give you skills to enable you to turn your vision into a practical
partnering initiative.
Workshop Learning Themes include: 
• Why work together: an exploration of the value of a partnering approach to ministry
• God’s Passion for Relationships and Partnering: an exploration of the Book of Philippians
• Partnering Perspectives: an overview of different approaches to partnering 
• The Partnering Journey: a guide to the phases of the partnering process
• Partnering Processes: challenges in changing to a different way of working, building consensus and building trust
• Planning for Partnering: developing a detailed plan of how you will personally take the next steps on your partnering journey.

Shorter training opportunities (shorter than 4 days) would be possible on request. The content will be adapted to cater for the specific need of the organisation being trained.

Training is presented by various IPA associates from diverse backgrounds and individuals are located globally. They have extensive knowledge and experience in helping and facilitating organisations to partner globally.

Some of our associates are also experienced facilitators of prospective and established partnerships. Contact us if you need the guidance of one of our associates to assist your organisation in navigating the choppy waters of the partnering.